1The ministry blessing Nations was born when the Evangelist Mauricio Torrico surrendered his life to Christ at 17 years old in 1986, the desire to serve God by reaching souls, to go to the Nations was when he received the calling from God in a small church from the assembly of God in Rosario in the street Ecuador 510bis, he still remains in fellowship with them until today. God has spoken to him in a clear and audible way, which he could not resist it.
God told him that he was going to serve him taking his word in the Nations (Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nation that knew not thee shall run unto thee because of the Lord thy God, and for the Holy one of Israel, for he hath glorified thee).
Today, he travels worldwide with the ministry blessing Nations that God has given him, talking about the destiny and purpose that God has for each one of the people, strengthening them, refreshing them, motivating them and seeing their lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit through their messages.
The headquarters of the ministry Blessing Nation are in Usa CA (English) New York (Spanish) and in South America Argentina.

Nations Around The World.

Ecuador Ecuador, Guayaquil Estadio Yoyagura, Quito, Esmeralda, Jactan.

Chile Chile, Santiago de Chile, Concepción, Chiguayante, Viña del mar, Los Ángeles .

Uruguay Uruguay, Montevideo, Maldonado, Piriapolis, Parque del plata, Colonia .

Peru Peru, Lima.

Bolivia Bolivia, La Paz, Trujillo.

Colombia Colombia, Bogotá, Bague, Cali, Medellin, Pereyra.

Argentina Argentina, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires.

España España, Madrid , Bilbao, San Sebastián.

FranceFrancia, Biarritz .

United States USA,  California, Alabama, Kentucky, Cincinatti, Nueva York , Tennessee.

CanadaCanada, Vancouver, Kamloops.

BrasilBrasil, Puerto alegre, San Pablo.






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