Who We Are?

Familia Torrico

Mauricio and Beatriz and their three children, Luke, Aneley and Naira have been called by the Lord to minister the gospel in the Power of the Holy Spirit to the Nations.
Beatriz was born in Rosario Argentina and surrendered her life to Jesus at the age of fifteen, since then, she never stop serving the Lord, at the twenty two years old she married Maurice, which is an international evangelist and also a renowned translator of several ministries Worldwide.
Mauricio was born in Cordoba Argentina, surrendered his life to Jesus at the age of seventeen years old, he graduated from college with a degree in technical computer programmer, also studied technical tourism at university, he studied English to be a translator as well.
He was depressed and empty, when he gave his life to Jesus, but as soon as he recognized to Jesus into his heart, God spoke to his life clearly through his word in Isaiah 55:5 and received a calling to the Nations and from there he began studying English believing the received word.
today is traveling around the world preaching the word of God, Praying for the sick and taking the fire of the Holy Spirit to the Nations and at the same time he is translating to different ministries from different parts of the world like, Edmund Sackey Brown(Ghana,Africa), Steven Swicher(USA), JAN Horne(Cape Town South Africa), Donald Lee(USA), Jack Coe jr(USA)the Evangelist son Jack coe from the book Generals of God, P.P ALEN (USA), A.A ALEN SON FROM THE BOOK GENERALS OF GOD AS WELL.


Taking a living Christ to a world that is dying, to be able to reach Argentina, to the Nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Miracles Cruzade, revival services and youth events.


Nations Around The World.

Ecuador Ecuador, Guayaquil Estadio Yoyagura, Quito, Esmeralda, Jactan.

Chile Chile, Santiago de Chile, Concepción, Chiguayante, Viña del mar, Los Ángeles .

Uruguay Uruguay, Montevideo, Maldonado, Piriapolis, Parque del plata, Colonia .

Peru Peru, Lima.

Bolivia Bolivia, La Paz, Trujillo.

Colombia Colombia, Bogotá, Bague, Cali, Medellin, Pereyra.

Argentina Argentina, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires.

España España, Madrid , Bilbao, San Sebastián.

FranceFrancia, Biarritz .

United States USA,  California, Alabama, Kentucky, Cincinatti, Nueva York , Tennessee.

CanadaCanada, Vancouver, Kamloops.

BrasilBrasil, Puerto alegre, San Pablo.




Mauricio is associate pastor in the ministry of Jesús Palabra de Vida Argentina

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