Dear brothers and sister, when someone is a worshiper, he will track you down, he will seek you and find you(paul and silas)as if he stands up in the heavens and say”Im smelling worship”where is that worship come from?i don’t know but im going to find out right now, God will move heaven and earth to find a worshiper, the worship capture the attention of God, and he is attracted to our world, (example isaiah)the first five chapters he always said, ah, sinful nation, woe is me, it was as if he was always complaining about the situations, but you can notice when he started worshiping, he changed the way of talking, the way of speaking, the way of expressing and start saying high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple, sublime, wonderful, counselor, mighty god, prince of peace, and he begins to worship him at the point that he became in one of the most important messianic prophet.
The worship is a weapon that God has given to the church
The word worship comes from the greek Prosconoes that means:prostrate oneself, lie down, stretched out face down and kiss and the word kiss means “show affection”you can not worship God without showing affection, love, kindliness.
It is no the same to Praise than worship, to praise means:is to speak well of someone, example:I could speak well about my wife when im preaching in another country, but I couldn’t worship her.
To worship means is to kiss, show affection, fondling touch. When I return from a trip I start worshiping my wife, I start to kiss her, to touch her, to show affection and I start telling her how much I need her, in the same way we should do with God when we worship him, we know that God is all mighty, powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, that he can do all things, but there is one thing that he can not do or perform is “to worship himself”that is why God has created us, to to give him pleasure, he has created us for his pleasure.there is place in of surprises in our lives in the walk with God, ”but it is only for worshipers, God said, if you worship me, im going to put you in my priority list and I, m going to surprise you, I will give you things you didn’t even asked for, I will leave you stunned, if you learn to worship me.God can do anything, God is all mighty, he is everything, but there is only one thing that he can not do or perform is “to worship himself”that’s why God is looking for worshiper, jesus said, because the father seeks such worshipers to worship him in Spirit and in truth, in truth means “with a sincere heart”it is not talking about the word, but the sincere of the heart, remains before him and be able to show the sincere of the heart towards him for who he is
To praise him has his place “when you praise him”you praise him because about what he has done, but when you” worship him”you worship him because who he is, when I worship him, I worship him no because I have a need, but because he has need to be worshiped, I worship him without expecting anything in return, I worship him for who he is, no because I need a miracle, but I kneel down, bow down before him, because he deserves to be worshiped, we have been made for his pleasure and when we worship caused him pleasure.
Dear brothers and sister, it is like when our children ask us something, and they start worship us, to show us affection, to tell us how much they love us, how much they need us, they start to kiss us, we would give them all right?because they give us pleasure, joy, happiness, satisfactions, emotion, and God is the same way, God says, learn to worship me first, love me without expecting anthing in return
And I will give anything you need, because before you ask me I will give you, because you are my son, my daughter, Aleluya
Have a blessed day.
Your friend Mauricio Torrico


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