Today everyone wants something in return, they seek recognition, they seek to relate to the mos important people, they relate to people in which they can get something in return (Benefits, favors) sometimes many people in the churches move with the principles of the world, and we are not of this world, we have other parameters, principles, others grounds, other values, but unfortunately sometimes to serve God is not the exeption, some people have forgotten the meaning of service, we are in this world to serve and not to be served, we want travel, hotels, conferences, be the main speakers in some places and they say, ”The Great Apostle”  The Great Prophet, The Great, great….and I wonder if they would say ever “The Great Servant” and the word pastor, servant, is as if they have lost value, but for whom? Dear brothers and sister many have lost the focus by which we have been called, we have been called to serve and not to be served, they don’t talk anymore about the tribulations, persecutions, about the Davids cave, nor even the whipping, the ailment, suffering, that the apostle paul received for preaching the word of God, but only positivism, metaphysics, success, and don’t miss understand me please, because I believed in the blessing of God, in the provision of God, in the healing of God, but in in the book of

Matthew 6:33 (but, seek yes first his kingdom, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you)

first of all, seek and serve and the rest shall be added unto you.
To serve God, is not to seek the approval from the rest, but from God, is not to be always waiting in someone else, but in God, is not to be waiting if someone does or does not to do it, one who serves God is always looking for the opportunity to do something. There is a woman in the bible that she knew the meaning of the true service to God.

  • Matthew 26:6.13
  • Mark 13:3,9
  • Luk 7:36,39

If you read the history,you realize what this woman did.

A) Don’t be a person who is guided by appearance or personality, but one that is moved or driven by the principle of God

B) It was a very expensive perfume
The cost was 300 denarios, a year salary, but she poured it on Jesus hair and this means that she gave to jesus the best, not the left over, she didn’t give him the crumbs. In our service to God we have to give him the best, the best worship, the best advice to the people, the best willingness, when someone learn to give the best, receive the best.

C) The woman broke the alabaster jar
The reason was, because was a very expensive perfume and she didn’t want to leave anything, she was saying in her heart, I gave my all, I gave everything, I didn’t keep anything, I gave the best to serve my Lord, total commitment.

D) whe she broke the jar
She was saying, I don’t want my service to be common for my Lord, when she broke the Jar, spilled all the perfume and there was nothing left in the bottle, so no one would use it, only jesus, she made that her sevice was special for him, it was not something common,but something special and sometimes our service become so common, ordinary,that we don’t have anything special to offer him, we don’t have time, no love, but that woman said No, im going to use it for him, nobody else is going to use it, so she broke it, she said, it is only for my lord, my life, my heart, my service, my worship, because I don’t want to serve anyone else.

E) She wiped Jesus feet with her hair
1 corinthians 11:15(but if a woman have long hair,it is a glory to her)
This woman gave her glory, her honor, at feet of jesus, when she released her glory, gave her glory to Jesus, what she was saying was, it is not my glory, but your Glory, so she wiped jesus feet with her hair, that which was honorable and glorious for her, she was saying everything I do in my life, is not for my glory, my preaching is not for me, but him.

F) The woman anointed Jesus with the perfume on his head
In the ancient times were anointed people who were going to be King, and this woman is was saying to him, you are my King,the king of my life, she was acknowledging that he was her King, she was saying it is easier for me to serve you, when you recognize him as a king of your life, it becomes easier to serve him, he begins to rule your life, you can notice to have a more effective service he should be your king, when you serve a brother, you are not serving to him, you are serving the king that is inside of him, that is why we need to serve him with all our heart, with all our mind and with all we have, Is he your King?

G) The woman approached to him from behind
She did not seek recognition,the woman didn’t do something so the people notice,something public,what she was saying was,im not looking for recognition,im not looking for to be notice,she came from behind and serve him Aleluya, what are you looking for?sevice or recognition?

H) when she was critized
They said that it was a waste of money, but Jesus said to them, I came to this house and you didn’t even give me water, and you didn’t even wash my feet either, but this woman, not only anointed me, but she wiped my feet with her hair as well, she has poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial, what does it mean? the woman mark the history, Jesus said, verily I say unto you, wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman has done, be told for a memorial of her.
When you serve God, he made you mark the history,generations after generations have passed, but still this woman is being named Aleluya. When you serve God the generation that comes after you, they will be blessed, the generations that will come after you, they will be blessed, because you are leaving a legacy when you serve God, it is not a waste of time what you do in your church, when you serve to the brothers and sisters, when you give your all, the best of you, Jesus said, wheresoeve this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman has done, be told for memorial of her.

I) She did not respond to criticism
She didn’t let the criticism distract her, or let her down to do what she was going to do, she didn’t give place to the gossip, she knewthat what she was doing was for him.

J) when the woman came, they were all sitting,she was the last one.
She was the last one to appear, but she became in the first one, the bible says that the last will be the the first and the first one will be the last one, dear brothers and sisters, there is a time when people get older but doesn’t grow in the thing of God, but this woman proved to be mature, she came last and she was the first, never says that is too late to serve the Lord.
To serve the Lord make you mother teresa, she served the lord in calcuta India, she served the lepers, the sick people, and she was great, she talked with presidents, kings, why?because she made up her mind to serve the king that was inside the people.


Have a blessed day.

Your friend Mauricio Torrico


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